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Traditional rug hooking, punch needle hooking, embroidery, wool appliqué, quilts, felting – these are all art forms which lend themselves to passing on the beauty created by one generation to the next  – in textile form.

Barbara first gets permission from the artist, or the copyright owner if the artist is dead. Then she prepares the images so that they are suitable to each textile art form. Textile artists can then apply their chosen method to the image. Only the best materials, such as linen backing and 100% wool, are used to duplicate the artworks. This ensures superior  quality and durability for the longer term.

 Barbara owns several original Christmas cards painted by Maud Lewis, a well known folk artist from Nova Scotia in Canada. The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, owner of the Maud Lewis copyright, has given her a license to produce and sell patterns of the Christmas card images. These images are unique to Barbara and not available elsewhere. In addition, the Gallery has given permission for a few additional images.

Barbara sells patterns from her website and her Etsy online shop called ArtinTextile. Beginner kits are also available and they contain: the pattern drawn on high quality linen woven for rug hooking purposes; custom dyed wool to duplicate Maud Lewis’ colour scheme; general beginner rug hooking instructions and a guide as to how to hook the specific piece. Yarn and a needle to whip the edges of the finished piece is also provided.  The purchaser needs to provide their own frame and hook.

 A rug hooker since the early 1980’s, Barbara Lukas is a member of the Ontario Rug Hooking Guild and Vermont’s Green Mountain Rug Hooking Guild. Her work has been exhibited at the Shelburne Museum in Burlington, Vermont and appears in several rug hooking books and magazines (See Rug Hooking Magazine for September/October 2012). Her love of fibres and textures has moved her to add multi-media features to her rug hooking, and to explore other textile arts such as wool appliqué, punch hooking, embroidery, and felting. 


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